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Jalapeño Garlic Jelly

Jalapeño Garlic Jelly

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Jalapeño Garlic Jelly, 190ml.

This jalapeño based jelly has the heat you’re after! A perfect savoury addition to charcuterie boards, it tastes sweet and tangy with a garlicky accent.

Ingredients: sugar, jalapeño peppers, apple cider vinegar, Certo liquid pectin, garlic.

Crafted with a meticulous love for everything local and looking to dazzle the tastebuds, these boutique jams and jellies from Top Shelf Preserves can be the highlight of brunch menus and evening charcuterie boards as well as desserts.

Made in small batches in the national capital region. All varieties are 190ml packed in reusable and recyclable glass jars.