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Big Sky

Sunkist Sours 2 variety packs - Big Sky - RESTOCK!!

Sunkist Sours 2 variety packs - Big Sky - RESTOCK!!

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1 Pack of 6 Raspberry Lemonade and 1 pack of 6 Tangerine Orange Sunkist Sours.

These on-the-go treats are a delicious source of Vitamin C! Sunkist Sours deliver delicious natural fruit flavor along with 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C. In addition to being sugar free, Sunkist Sours are also naturally flavored, aspartame free, gluten free, and certified OU kosher.

You get two packs, 6 tins each of the Tangerine Orange and Raspberry Lemonade for a total of 12 tins.

Each tin contains 50 sugar free pieces (50g / 1.76 oz)

Raspberry Lemonade Ingredients: Sorbitol, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural flavors, malic acid, calcium stearate, sucralose, beta carotene.

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