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The County Bounty Six Pack
The County Bounty Six Pack

The County Bounty Six Pack

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A six pack offer to refresh long hot afternoons and evenings. Try all six delicious flavours of the artisanal County Bounty sodas. 

The County Bounty sodas were developed by a farmer who continues to source berries and fruits from the surrounding local farms to make these uniquely delicious drinks. Made with local ontario fruits and fairtrade sugar, the sodas are crafted in Napanee and contain no preservatives or all natural preservatives, are vegan and gluten-free. Try all six today and find out your favourites.  

Raspberry Lime

Strawberry Basil

Sour Cherry and Mint

Wild Grape and Ginger

Lavender and Lemon Basil

Rhubarb and Citrus Peel

You can also choose and mix and match when in store for a total of six cans.