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Camellia Sinensis

Matcha Gift Set - Camellia Sinensis

Matcha Gift Set - Camellia Sinensis

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What do you get the Matcha enthusiast? a Matcha Gift Set with a beautiful ceramic Chawan, Matcha Whisk, Whisk Holder, and Matcha Spoon. Nicely packaged in a gift set box. 

Set includes all the essential accessories to make a perfect emulsion:

- Chasen (whisk)

- Naoshi (whisk holder)

- Matcha spoon in stainless steel

- Blue Teal Cermaic Chawan, 8 cm in height, 11.75 cm diameter, 525ml capacity.

The naoshi (chasen-holder) helps to preserve the shape of the whisk while enabling it to dry properly.

Add the delicious Matcha Sora or Ceremonial Matcha Yume to make it a complete gift package. Matcha powder available separately in our tea collection. 


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