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Black Tea Variety Gift Trio - Loose Leaf - JusTea

Black Tea Variety Gift Trio - Loose Leaf - JusTea

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Gift giving made easy! 

A variety pack of top selling JusTea Black Tea flavours: African Chai, Kenyan Earl Grey, Mt Kenya Black in premium stacking tins. Comes with a hand-carved Kenyan tea spoon. Enjoy these teas in the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up with high caffeine content, the drink will get you energized and focused without the jitters. 

- African Chai: Sweet & Spicy, Black Tea & Cloves.

Ingredients: Kenyan Black Tea, Allspice, Clove, Fennel, Cinnamon, Liquorice Root, Ginger, Black Peppercorn, Rose Petals.

- Kenyan Earl Grey: Aromatic & Rich, Bright Citrus & Wildflowers
Ingredients: Kenyan Black Tea, Organic Cold-Pressed Bergamot Oil

- Mt Kenya Black: Strong & Malty, Cocoa Bean & Dried Fruit
Ingredients: Kenyan Black Tea

100% Natural Ingredients. All tea is organically Grown and Hand-picked in Kenya. No pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on the leaves. 

Prepare 15 cups per flavour (45 cups total), and re-steep (we always re-steep high quality tea!) for 30cups (90 cups total) per flavour. Net weight: 106g/3.7oz

JusTea is committed to direct-trade partnership which gives you the freshest tea and provides the farmers and workers a fair wage.

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