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Nandi Gold - Organic Fairtrade Loose Leaf

Nandi Gold - Organic Fairtrade Loose Leaf

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Nandi Gold Loose Leaf Tea in Resealable Stand Up Pouch, 70g.

A cup of Nandi Gold is a rare black tea representing the best of Kenyan terroir. Single-estate grown in Nandi Hills, this special tea cultivar has an abundance of delicious and sweet golden leaf buds. A perfectly smooth cup of pure black tea.

Flavour notes: rich and smooth, hazelnut and dried fruit.

Steep 1 tea spoon in 205°F water for 3 mins (for a second cup, re-steep 6 mins). Pouch contains 70g loose-leaf tea in resealable packaging. Makes 40 cups, resteep for 80 cups.

100% Natural Ingredients: kenyan Black Tea Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly. 

High Caffeine, 50 mg caffeine/cup. In comparison, a cup of black coffee typically contains 100mg to 126mg of caffeine.

JusTea products are grown by small-scale farmers, handpicked, and processed following organic and pesticide-free methods.

Fairtrade certified, Non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance.

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