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Northern Delights Delice Boreal

Inuit Herbal Teas Assorted Flavours - Tisane Inuit

Inuit Herbal Teas Assorted Flavours - Tisane Inuit

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Discover Inuit herbal infusions with this box of 20 tea bags in assorted flavours.

Every summer, the Avataq Cultural Centre hires local communities in Nunavik and pays fair wages for the painstaking collection of wild herbs and flowers in the arctic tundra. These ingredients are mixed with hibiscus, chicory root, echinacea and other herbs to make 5 distinctive blends of Northern Delights/Delice Boreal.

Herbal infusions have a very long history and each of these blends offers its own complex taste and properties based on Inuit knowledge: Arctic Blend, Cloudberry, Ground Juniper, Crowberry, and Labrador. 

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