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Floating Hexagon Shelf 16" with Mid Shelf
Floating Hexagon Shelf 16" with Mid Shelf

Floating Hexagon Shelf 16" with Mid Shelf

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Floating Hexagon Shelf with Mid Shelf, 16"

Geometric art is very appealing, it gives a focal point to our eyes and adds such interest and depth to living spaces. It is also inspires safety with its solid reinforced structures.

Bring modern unique geometric design to your daily living space with this hexagon shelf. Useful as display shelf for small plants, art, souvenirs, collectibles, toys, your favourite teacups, gaiwans and teapots, any creative use you can think up!  

The Geometric Hexagon Shelf is lightweight and durable, it is 16" across (point to point), 14" tall and 3.5" deep with one inside shelf which is fixed in place. Hanging hardware and instructions are included (2 wall arches and 2 screws per shelf). This Item is hung by two pre-drilled holes in the back that slip over screws.

These shelves are assembled with high care to detail, with solid white pine, biscuit jointed together means no nails are shown and the shelves are extra strong. The wood has been sanded with some rustic characteristics.

Handcrafted by Wood Chip Decor, a specialized small enterprise based in picturesque Merrickville, Ontario.