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Gourmet Sauvage

Forest Mix Mushrooms by Gourmet Sauvage

Forest Mix Mushrooms by Gourmet Sauvage

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Forest Mix Mushrooms, 40g.

What does the forest taste like? try this mix of about 15 different varieties of mushrooms with varied textures and tastes. 

You can use mushrooms like using spices to enhance a variety of dishes: stews, soups, potatoes, rice, fish and meats.

Soak mushrooms for about 10 minutes in the liquid of choice (water, wine, stock, milk). Use in favourite recipe. Keep any excess liquid for other recipes. If you are making a soup or a recipe which already has liquid, there is no need to rehydrate the mushrooms, toss the dry mushrooms in the liquid, they will rehydrate during the cooking.

Gourmet Sauvage ensure a sustainable harvest of all plants in the forests.

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