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Canadian Chocoholic

Cotton Masks - Rainbow - Canadian Chocoholic

Cotton Masks - Rainbow - Canadian Chocoholic

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Colourful masks with tie-string, these are especially sought after by those who have to wear a mask for a long hours. Also many customers have asked for these tie-masks instead of ear loop masks, the tie-masks stay away from hearing aids and reduce the risk of loosing the devices when removing the masks.

The face part of this mask is 100% cotton, with a stretchy tie string that is made with a blend of materials.  The string goes over the crown of your head and then ties behind your neck.  This allows for longer wear and no strain on the ears.

Size fits most: measurements are approximately 5 inches from nose to ear, and 5 and a half inches from nose to chin. This mask can be hand washed or thrown into the laundry machine or dryer. 

Designed and hand sewn in Ottawa Canadian Chocoholic, a multi-talented Goldsmith and chocolatier who excels at detailed work. Look for their chocolate themed Jewelry and goods, and fantastic blog on their website

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