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La Maison de la Chicoutai

Cloudberry Herbal Tea - Teabags - Tisane de Chicoutai

Cloudberry Herbal Tea - Teabags - Tisane de Chicoutai

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Cloudberry herbal tea, 12 pyramid bags in canister.

A rare and unique herbal infusion to savour on special occasions, the liqueur is the colour of wine, don't hesitate to serve cold in wine glasses for your friends and loved ones on summer gatherings and holidays.

This Cloudberry herbal infusion perfectly pairs Cloudberry leaves with hibiscus flower, apple granules, rosehips berries, roasted chicory root, and orange peel, natural flavours, and orange leaves. Each decorative can comes with 12 pyramid bags made of plant-based material. 

We are pleased to be able to bring you this rare product made of the highest quality ingredients and native plants which only grow in cooler alpine, tundra and boreal territories. The Cloudberry plant gives one fruit, the chicoutai harvest is a painstakingly detailed and time consuming effort.

Small business owners, such as the dedicated Maison de la Chicoutai in Quebec's Riviere-du-Tonnere, ensure proper picking and sustainability of native plants and spread awareness about plants, their historical use and properties.

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