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Aronia and Alder Herbal Tea - Teabags - Pilki

Aronia and Alder Herbal Tea - Teabags - Pilki

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Immerse yourself in the boreal forest with Pilki's aronia and alder herbal tea. This colourful mix contains black aronia berry (chockeberry), rich in anti-oxidants. The initial fir tree and alder peppery taste will surprise you and then the sweet flowery herbs of wild goldenrod and organic fenugreek will pleasantly balance out the bitterness. 

You can use the blend to make interesting cocktails or, if you feel cozy, a warm latte! Certainly, this blend that “tastes like Quebec” will transport you back to your best memories of a walk in the forest.

Brew 2 teaspoons in 90 degree hot water for 10 minutes.

Ingredients : Aronia (chockeberry), organic fenugreek, organic goldenrod, wild Labrador tea, wild green alder, organic rosemary.

Discover all-natural Canadian herbal infusions made with Labrador tea by Pilki.

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