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Wildflower Classic Honey - Miel D'Anicet

Wildflower Classic Honey - Miel D'Anicet

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Miel D'Anicet Wildflower Classic Honey, certified organic, 340g jar.

Taste profile:  Moderately bold and warm, dried fruits notes, slightly caramelized

Harvested mid-August, this golden honey is moderately bold with an aromatic richness coming from the simultaneous blossom of goldenrod and buckwheat. A delicious blend of flavours with a warm taste mild caramelized and confit fruits notes.

Enjoy this organic unpasteurized honey, harvested in the Upper Laurentians. Never pasteurized, classic honey is cold extracted, filtered and liquefied at a low temperature to assure the conservation of the honey’s aromas and proprieties while enjoying a liquid texture. With time, small crystals will appear hence modifying the texture, crystallization is a natural phenomenon in all unpasteurized honeys.