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Miel D'Anicet

Sarrasin Buckwheat Raw Honey - Miels D'Anicet

Sarrasin Buckwheat Raw Honey - Miels D'Anicet

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Miel D'Anicet Sarrasin Buckwheat Raw Honey, certified organic, 340g jar.

Taste profile:

Full-bodied, rustic, dried prune notes, caramelized nuts

Harvested mid-August, this dark amber honey is ideal for lovers of strong honey. Made from buckwheat flowers, the typical aromas are reminiscent of buckwheat flour and will take you to a memorable visit at the farm. A delicious blend of flavours, also rich in minerals, makes this honey a wonderful pairing for strong cheeses and honey desserts!

Enjoy this organic unpasteurized honey harvested in the Upper Laurentians. Never filtered or heated, raw honey is excellent for health, containing traces of pollen, propolis and beeswax and preserving its original properties and aromas. Freshly harvested, it is in a liquid state. It will then crystallize quickly and nicely given the absence of heat in the extraction process.

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