Throw Pillow in Linen Pink and Purple

Throw Pillow in Linen Pink and Purple

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Simple Linen Throw Pillow, handmade in Senegal. Matching pillow with Pagne Tisse available for purchase separately.

Use these striking throw pillows in living rooms, bedrooms or outdoors on the deck to brighten up the spring and summer seasons.  

Linen with Pagne Tisse is a traditional West African woven cloth, detailed and labour-intensive, it is gifted to people to accompany them from birth through all the stages of life. Senegal local artisans work in hard conditions on road sides, and weave prized luxurious linen fabric and patterns to make these beautiful pillow covers. This is a project of Nicole from Ottawa, a lawyer by profession with a passion for community development, Nicole wishes to promote Senegalese crafts, weavers and young tailors by offering these wonderful colourful textiles.  

Simple single pillow 20 x 20 inches made in Senegal, also includes pillow insert 22x22 (for plumpness), which is hypoallergenic, mildew proof, high loft, washable, odourless, made in Toronto, Canada.