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Kanata Soup

Pasta Fagiole Soup Mix

Pasta Fagiole Soup Mix

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Pasta Fagiole Soup Mix.

Pasta fagiole is a traditional Italian bean based soup featuring Italian herbs and lots of beans! By adding tomatoes to this delicious mix, you have a fabulous bowl that will transport you to the hills of Tuscany.

Just add ham, canned tomatoes, and chicken stock or water! This mix has everything else you need. The cooked mix will yield 4 or more serving.

Ingredients: White beans, pinto beans, red beans, onion, garlic, oregano, celery seed, carrot, bay leaf, basil, rosemary, salt, red pepper, pasta shells.

Kanata Soup uses local and Canadian ingredients to curate healthy soup and dessert mixes, all are peanut and nut-free, packed in resealable shelf staple bags that can be stored up to one year.

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