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Select Infusions Sampler

Select Infusions Sampler

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Select Infusions Sampler Gift Box

We offer you these select infusions samplers in a beautiful reusable box and tins. The box contains 6 samples of caffeine-free infusions: Nan Mei White Tea Buds, Lemon Verbena, Osmanthus Petals, Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers, Wild Rose Buds, and Wild Lavender. Each tin contains enough leaves to prepare 1 to 2 cups.  

We propose Osmanthus for a fruity apricot taste, try it with black tea or on its own. Wild Rose buds with green or black tea for an uplifting aroma, Lavender added to London Fog or lemon cookies, Nan Mei White Tea buds with honey or cold brew, Lemon Verbena for relaxation and after meals, Butterfly blue pea flower to make blue icecubes for cocktails, or served hot with added lemon that will change the brew to a surprise pink!

For best results use a teaspoon per 250ml cup, brew Nan Mei White Tea
at a cooler temperature of 75 degrees, and all other infusions at 95 degrees hot water for 5 to 7 minutes. Try them in the cold brew method: double the amount of leaves per cup, add cut ripe fruits or sugar, leave in the fridge overnight to get a refreshing iced tea.

With a magnetic closure, the 6x8 inches gift box is easy to open and store away, it fits 6 small twist tins with top windows. All reusable and recyclable. 

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