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Aged Tea - Pu Er 2011 Bulang Shan Mini Tuocha

Aged Tea - Pu Er 2011 Bulang Shan Mini Tuocha

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Explore this Pu Er in a small puck format for easy preparation. 

Pressed into 5 gram nests (Tuo), this is an ideal portion for simple brewing in a teapot, a gaiwan, or in your favourite infuser mug at home or office. 

This Pu Er was harvested in 2011 around the Bulang mountains and was produced and stored in Menghai.  Experience the aromas of fresh tobacco and ripe prunes and raisins, moist earth, typical of this style of Shou Pu er. Taste sweetness and warmth, without any bitterness. 

Steep at 95 Celsius for 3 to 4 minutes in 250ml. Re-steep longer for a second and third infusions if desired.

Packed in resealable compostable bag of a 50g portion, approximately 12 individual pucks.