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Susan Rieter

Original Painting 4x4 Print Blocks by Susan Reiter

Original Painting 4x4 Print Blocks by Susan Reiter

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Original Paintings Prints on 4x4 cradleboards, by Susan Reiter. Please choose in store.

Beautiful original paintings, printed and mounted on 4x4wood cradleboards with a cold wax overlay and spray varnish covering. Lightweight, easy to display standing on shelves and desks, or hang in your favourite spots at the office or at home. These also make great gifts for travellers as they are lightweight and small in size, perfect to take along and gift a piece of art from Canada. 

Susan Reiter is a local Kanata artist and art teacher, her works are featured in many galleries and collections in Canada and internationally.  Growing up in New Brunswick Susan has a love for water scenes but her real passion is painting birds and scenes from nature. 

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