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Wood Chip Decor

Mini Air Plant Wall Hanger Grey - Wood Chip Decor

Mini Air Plant Wall Hanger Grey - Wood Chip Decor

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Single Geometric Hexagon Air Plant Hanger

Your home has unclaimed space and you want to do something that brings the outside in. Something that's space-effective, easy to maintain, and never looks sad. Imagine the endless possibilities when you hang an air plant in your kitchen, your office window, or even in the bathroom. It's a no-soil plant solution that you can easily install anywhere and keep green with just a little care. You'll have a beautiful decoration that adds colour and life to your forgotten spaces.

This beautiful geometric hanger is 7" tall and 5" wide, the plant ring is 1.25". The hanger will fit small to large air plants, it is very lightweight and easy to hang anywhere.

To display in your home or office, find a place with bright indirect light, like a north-facing window, and use the included command hook to hang where you’d like. The plant hanger comes as two pieces that easily slot together.

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