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Intensely Dark Chocolate Bar - Vegan

Intensely Dark Chocolate Bar - Vegan

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Intensely Dark 88% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar, Vegan Friendly, 80g.

This Intensely dark bar is 88% of pure premium cocoa, with just a small touch of sugar and vanilla, all fair trade and organic, to highlight the incredible flavours of this blend of Dominican Republic and Peruvian cocoa beans. The exquisite taste and smooth texture will make you melt. Made especially for the dark chocolate enthusiasts!

Only 4 g of sugar per 40g serving

Ingredients: Cacao mass, Cacao butter, Sugars (golden cane sugar), Ground vanilla beans. Minimum 88% cacao.

Camino’s chocolate bars are a leading line of Fair Trade and Organic chocolate bars in Canada, and for good reason! Unparalleled in taste and quality, a variety of bars offer mouth-watering flavours sure to tantalize your taste buds. Camino uses quality organic ingredients from environmentally responsible family farmers and strives to source these ingredients through fair trade practices. Chocoholics beware!

All Camino chocolate bars are Fairtrade, Organic, and Kosher certified, gluten-free, and soy lecithin-free. They are also packaged in a compostable bio-foil, then wrapped in recyclable FSC paper.