Hot Nettle and Balsam Fir Sauce

Hot Nettle and Balsam Fir Sauce

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Hot Nettle Sauce by Gourmet Sauvage, 150ml.

The newest creation by Gourmet Sauvage from the riches of the our Canadian forests, a nettle and balsam fir hot sauce. The green vegetable taste of nettles combines wonderfully with the fruity flavour of balsam fir tips and the sharp acidity of lime in this unique recipe. You will not want to run out of this tasty, refreshing condiment at your table!

3 peppers out of 5 on the hot sauce scale.

Ingredients: Selected hot peppers, Charred tomatillos, Organic cider vinegar, Onions, Water, Lime juice, Organic maple syrup, Salt, Nettle, Garlic, Balsam fir, Spices.

Product of Canada, Vegan, Gluten Free, GMO Free.