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Amity Rhythm - New!
Amity Rhythm - New!

Amity Rhythm - New!

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Fairtrade Organic Cotton Shopping Bag, Amity Rhythm in 3-colour double sided geometric print on charcoal background.

Made in 100% Organic Cotton Sheeting, these are versatile and light shopping bags made in India by Freeset. A variety is available in multiple colours and patterns, you can pair with specific outfits as handbags, or tuck away in larger bags to use when necessary as extra shopping bags or on road trips. 


Bag: 15.4 x 13.8 x 4.7 (in)
Handle: 2 x 23.6 (in)

Freeset is an organization dedicated to providing safe employment and lifeskills for vulnerable women. All products are Fairtrade and Organic Certified.