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Fairtrade Organic Cotton Scarves - Check

Fairtrade Organic Cotton Scarves - Check

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For leisure as well as a professional look, accessories with a warmer Check Green Leaf scarf this Fall/Winter season. Add a classic touch to outfits during outings or meetings and feel the warmth of the cotton and wool blend handmade in the traditional Bengali weaving tradition.

This is a Fairtrade certified product, handwoven in 40% Cotton and 60% Wool, featuring hand finished fringe. The scarf measures approximately 85 x 22 in with the tassels. 

Freeset provides an opportunity for economic security and safety for women living in  underprivileged and vulnerable situations in India. Women learn a trade and earn an income to care for their families. We are proud of to offer our customers products from Freeset and support every person's right to gainful employment and a decent life.

Also available are handbags and shopping bags in organic cotton to pair with these scarves.