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Chandler Honey

Chandler Honey - Apple Pie Limited Holiday Edition

Chandler Honey - Apple Pie Limited Holiday Edition

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Chandler Honey Limited Holiday Edition - Apple Pie 250g or 140g

You deserve this luxury and so do many of your loved ones! Cozily crafted with creamy white raw Prairie honey, apple peel, and cinnamon.

How to enjoy this honey deliciousness: Spread on toast, add to tea or coffee, on top of oatmeal, drizzled over baked brie, with apple slices, in a Pumpkin Spice latte, with holiday baking, on French Toast, drizzled over cinnamon buns, upping your charcuterie game or in Hot Toddys!

Ingredients: Canadian raw honey, organic apple peel, organic cinnamon, nothing more! packed in medium (250g) or small (140g) reusable glass jar.

Chandler Honey is the brainchild of Tique who grew up living all-things-bees-and-honey on her family farm in Alberta (Scandia Honey Company), which has been in operation since 1937. Tique slowly infuses the honey in small batches using tasty pure ingredients and hand pours the honey in beautiful reusable glass jars. Try the unique white prairie honey today. 

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