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Beet and Poppy Herbal Tea - Loose Leaf - Pilki

Beet and Poppy Herbal Tea - Loose Leaf - Pilki

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Beet and Poppy Herbal Tea, 20g.

Allow yourself to relax with this infusion of Labrador tea with beet and poppy. It contains nitrates and minerals. Labrador tea enthusiasts like to drink it as an infusion after an intensive training to relax and help to reduce muscle inflammation. The brew has sweet and earthy notes, and a very comforting effect from the beetroot.

Ingredients: Organic red beetroot, wild Labrador tea, organic horsetail, ash, organic savory, poppy petal.

Brew 2 teaspoons in 90 degree water for 10 minutes. 

Try it also in a rosé sangria if you are in a partying mood!

Discover all natural Canadian herbal infusions made with Labrador Tea by Pilki.

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