Appetizer Trio - La Maison du Bleuet

Appetizer Trio - La Maison du Bleuet

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Blueberry Porto Jelly, Blueberry Onion Confit, and Blueberry Chili Jelly in clear gift box, 3 x 106ml.

What goes with wine and cheese platters, charcuteries boards, or even chocolate? This Appetizer Trio of three delicious blueberry based preserves. Blueberry Onion Confit with a creamy texture to complement meats and foie gras or as a vegetable dip, Blueberry Chili Pepper Jelly is excellent with dark chocolate and wine, and Blueberry Porto Jelly is a a perfect complement to cheeses, meats and or chocolates!

 From the land of blueberries and delicious gourmet cooking, La Maison du Bleuet Jams and Jellies are homemade in Saguenay Lac Saint Jean with organic blueberries and without the use of preservatives or artificial colours.