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Rise and Bloom Collection

The Rise and Bloom collection is a message of hope, perseverance and creativity in very challenging times. Sale proceeds will be donated to the local Kanata Food Cupboard (Kanata, Ontario) addressing food security, and initiatives in Beirut (Lebanon) by the Urban Network, sustainably using local resource to rebuild doors, public installations and products after the August 4th explosion.

Rise is a whisper, a song, an anthem. The print is by a local Ottawa resident with a creative streak and generous heart N.S.Salem, who hand sketched this whisper after the Beirut calamity.

Bloom is what makes the human experience a colourful intricate tapestry. The multi-flower motif is designed by Barbi of Red Raspberry Studios, a talented artist and professional who exudes hope, positivity and diversity in all our collaborations. All Tshirts and masks this collection are Fairtrade certified. 

 Also find Art Prints, Stickers and Totes designed by WhyNattt, a young brand celebrating daily life and iconic symbols of Lebanon.

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