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Gifts of Cloudberry to Savour

Gifts of Cloudberry to Savour

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Cloudberry is a uniquely Northern berry known to cold country climates. We selected a number of Cloudberry gourmet products for this gift set for you to savour or proudly present to a loved one. 

The Cloudberry Coulis, Jam, and Tisane are made from handpicked berries and leaves growing naturally in rural Northern Quebec by La Maison de La Chicoutai, a foodie address for all things northern berries. The jam is chockfull of berries and you can feel the crunchy seeds with every spoon. The Coulis is wonderful as topping for deserts as well as cocktails.  The Cloudberry Herbal Tisane is a caffeine-free herbal blend including hibiscus, it is very popular with our customers and makes a lovely warm brew as well as a tart and refreshing ice tea. 

The Cloudberry chocolate bonbons are a local product of collaboration with a passionate Chocolatier, Anna Stubbe of Kanata. These confections are made with the highest quality chocolate and Cloudberry Coulis. 

This package includes:

- Cloudberry Coulis

- Cloudberry Jam

- Cloudberry Herbal Tea

- Box of 2 Cloudberry Chocolate Bonbons by Anna Stubbe Chocolates

- Chocolate Covered Orange Slice by Anna Stubbe Chocolates

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