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Stitch and Sip

Hello readers!

Who else has discovered a new activity to enjoy this summer? I sure have and you've probably heard about it... embroidery! I've been loving sitting in the store with a fresh cup of tea and being greeted with excitement of what I am creating!

I give all my thanks to Nova Scotia's Hook, Line, and Tinker company that we've had the privilege of having in our store. They provide embroidery kits which can be found in store or online including all the supplies you will need as well as various patterns such as Bee Kind Dandelion and Chickadee

Knittin' Kitten

Personally, I was looking for a new mindful activity, something to help me de-stress. I hadn't tried anything involving stitching so I was hesitate at first, little did I know it would become my favorite time of day. I started with the Fungus Among Us kit and it was surprisingly easy to set up. As soon as I started stitching, with the help of an included stitch guide, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.

I've been embroidering for a little while now and I take notice in the effect it has had on me mentally. Mindful activities like embroidery allow our brains and bodies to decompress, becoming present in the moment. It gives me the chance to focus on one thing and relieve any anxieties I experienced through the day. Taking some time for ourselves is so important, no matter what may be going on in our lives, we are all deserving of a moment of peace and quiet.

Fungus Among Us

Once you've gotten comfortable with the different stitches, you can choose to buy your own supplies including any thread colour you could imagine to create unique designs! Also don't forget the power of YouTube which is riddled with tutorials, I enjoyed watching and learning how to stitch different flowers from various creators. Embroidery can be seen on many types of fabrics too. The popularity of stitching on jean jackets for example, has returned in full swing with oodles of people showing off their skill and creativity. That's certainly my next project!

Mermaid Hair Don't Care

This gorgeous embroidery may look different than the original kit, as I couldn't resist the opportunity to make Ariel with my extra colours!

Will you try embroidering? Have any questions? I can help! Your sure to find me in-store on Thursdays to talk about embroidery or help you start your stitching journey, with a cup of tea of course! 

If your interested, my top teas to sip while embroidering are: Camellia Chai, delicious black tea with cardamom which I enjoy in the morning or early afternoon with a splash of milk and a little of sugar. Jasmine Pearls is so floral! It has become an afternoon favourite green tea, and when the late afternoon comes around and I don't want any caffeine, I enjoy the herbal infusions of Cloudberry or Crowberry blends by Inuit Herbal Tea. 

Keep your hot water close and let your creativity flow :)

See you around, Maria Defazio

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Love this Maria. I haven’t done embroidering myself for awhile, but yes, it is so relaxing. Keep up the beautiful works.

Jean Fleming

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