Latest Arrivals: Tea Thoughts

Latest Arrivals: Tea Thoughts

New Arrival: Tea Thoughts

Hello from our first blog entry on this beautiful day of June 2022!!! Sometimes we have more to say about a new small business or ideas and recipes, so we thought it would be more convenient to write up blog posts instead of cluttering our periodic newsletters! It is very suitable that our first blog entry would feature a wonderful small business, tea-themed of course!

I am so pleased to announce the latest line of products we have introduced in our gift shop – Tea Thoughts by blogger and designer Nazanin Yousefnejad. I have been a fan of her work for a while now, following along as Nazanin tries different teas, reflects on many aspects of teaware, and spotlights various businesses and creators in the great tea community. I am very excited to share her unique designs with you all.

Based in New York, the Tea Thoughts brand consists of both a blog and a shop of original tea-themed products that you are sure to love. Tea is a ritual for sharing time with friends, family, and strangers all around the world. Hailing from an Iranian household, Nazanin understands the importance of tea and the way in which the ritual of tea drinking builds connections. The products evolved from the designer's original drawings, photographs, experiences and symbols that hold special meanings in her life.

Here are some featured products that would make wonderful gifts for loved ones, for teachers and school staff, co-workers, simply to treat yourself! 

This enamel camper mug is lightweight and perfect to use while relaxing at home, out on a picnic or camping. The mug features a tea leaf and Osmanthus flower design and has a bright yellow rim. We also offer Osmanthus Petals in our herbal infusion section –this delicate fruity flower would pair wonderfully with this beautiful mug.

Gaiwan pin resting on silhouette house vase

This pin perfectly captures the beauty of the Gaiwan, adorned with intricate floral detailing. It is a great conversation starter about different ways tea can be brewed and how far back in history the tradition goes. A Gaiwan pin would make a wonderful gift for any tea lover! Also note the outline house vase, what a gorgeous vase for the flowers growing in your gardens this spring.

Bookwroms and planners take note! You won't loose your page with this copper plated bookmark ! It features a gaiwan with moon phases and a white tassel. Tie in your love of reading with your love for tea with this charming bookmark.

This pin perfectly captures the beauty of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the plant where all tea comes from. This gorgeous pin is a subtle way to express your love for tea and is sure to be a great conversation starter.

This greeting card is perfect for all plant lovers, featuring a "TEArarium" design. The card is blank inside, it could be used for any occasion – from celebrating a birthday to writing a thank-you note. Combining plants with tea culture is a sure way to put a smile on someone’s face! Look for the matching TEArarium camper mug available on our website too.


Do we have crafters and creators amongst us? Washi tape is such a versatile product, this washi tape features teacups used as flower vases. You will find other beautiful designs as well, peruse our website for more. 

Washi tapes with tea themes

I hope you all enjoy Nazanin’s products as much as I do! Be sure to check out her blog at:

Thank you for reading our first blog entry :) we hope to see you soon in store. 

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