Keeping Cool: Simple Iced Tea Recipe

Keeping Cool: Simple Iced Tea Recipe

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Summer heat is upon us in our lovely Ottawa, and so is a surprising tropical rain trend and sweltering humidity!!! The hobby gardeners are thankful for the extra water and heat, I mean we have mint, basil, oregano, raspberries, currants, green beans and cucumbers growing like never before!

Stepping in the garden is my favourite way to take a break and unwind throughout the day, it is an invitation to a creative adventure. What is growing in season usually ends up in my cups of tea or as background for photos you see on the Instagram feed. These hot summer days I am drinking iced tea more often, though, as many of you can relate, I am also drinking hot tea while indoors, when the air conditioner is chilling us for prolonged hours. This made me think of how versatile tea can be, and especially how simple methods can change the taste of your favourite brew.


I wanted to share with you a recipe developed by the Camellia Sinensis teahouse to make simple cold brew iced tea. Use your favourite black or green tea, or for caffeine-free options use Rooibos or Hibiscus, try it in the cold brew method, you will rediscover its taste in a whole new light!  

In general, iced tea preparations will last up to 5 days in the fridge. Use a 2L pitcher or jug that can fit in the fridge, if you do not already have one at home we recommend this Glass Pitcher which has an integrated filter in the lid.


  • 20g of loose-leaf tea (shop your pantry or come see us 1tsp=4g)
  • 2L of cold water
    • 30-40g of sugar (6 to 8 tps)
      • Stir and let the mix steep for 10h-12hrs in the fridge 
      • Strain the leaves, it is ready and will last 5 days in the fridge.
      For serving, add slices of citrus fruits or ripe fruits such as pear or strawberries, garnish with mint leaves and serve over ice. Every cup can be a variation, the types of fruits you add will highlight different taste notes.

        You will find many teas at the shop and delicious organic iced tea blends, which are also available in pre-measured format prefect for 2L pitchers. For black tea try Lisbon Sunshine, green tea A Summer in Nilgiri or the floral and fruity Holiday in Fiji, and for caffeine-free family gatherings try the Rooibos-based Off Shore in Sao Paolo

          Looking to make a quick cup of iced tea instead of a large pitcher overnight? try infusing a fruity blend in hot water and serve over ice. In the afternoon I reach for the the organic Tease Tea Mother's Helper , I prepare it hot and pour it over ice cubes, it is a green tea and yerba mate blend with papaya and strawberris, it will boost your energy with a bright, refreshing and sweet taste.  For the kids I prepare Zeste Eclaire which is rooibos based with grapefruit and light spice taste. 


          Today is Sunday July 24th, 2022 and yes we are experiencing more heavy rain and humidity. There are beautiful climbing purple clematis on the fence, very large leaves of cucumber and tomato plants, full bushes of red and black currants. If you are reading this now go ahead and try the cold brew recipe, the tea will steep overnight in the fridge and your iced tea will be ready tomorrow to enjoy all week!

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